Jessica behind a video camera. She stares down at the camera and has a pair of headphones around her neck.

Your vision,

my craft.

I am a digital media producer focused on preserving human legacies through oral history interviews and accessible media.

How I can help you:

A woman, pictured from behind, holding 8 hoops in a circle formation.

All-Purpose Videos

Interested in a high-quality professional video?

Oral History Video Interview

Do you know someone with a story you want to keep around forever?

Two symbols, the Closed-Caption symbol and the Audio Description symbol.


Do you value inclusivity? Videos embedded with inclusive features like audio description and captioning.

Jessica standing outside in the mountains holding her camera. She looks up towards us with a smile. In the background there are mountain views. Her hair is blowing in the wind.

Jessica here,
your videographer and accessible media producer.

After 12 years of specialization in video and accessibility at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, I’ve transitioned to running my own media business.

I’m passionate about working with my clients to create authentic videos that capture their stories and vision.

Inclusion and accessibility are at the core of my work. My mission is to produce media that will engage a broad audience, including people with disabilities.