Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians have a disability?

…and as our population ages, the demand for accessibility is growing.

If you don’t provide audio description, closed-captions, or alt-text, you are excluding a substantial portion of your potential audience.

Check out this video showcasing an audio description sample crafted by me. If you don’t experience vision impairment, I suggest closing your eyes to appreciate the benefit that audio description offers.

Allow me to handle your accessibility needs. I specialize in audio-description, closed-captioning and alt-text production.

After receiving training in Toronto from Inclusive Media, I played a key role in establishing accessibility standards at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Here is an example of Audio Description and Closed-Captioning that I produced for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

“Why hire an accessibility contractor when I can automatically generate captions for my videos?”

Try watching a video with automatically generated captions turned on and the audio turned off.

You will quickly notice that auto-generated captions fall short.

They fail to describe sounds, express nuances, discern speakers, maintain proper formatting and are riddled with errors. At times they even convey entirely inaccurate information.

For those who depend on captions, the expertise of a human captioner is indispensable to capture crucial details accurately.

“Why use Audio Description?”

Imagine listening to a video with the screen turned off, relying solely on the audio track.

How much of the story gets lost without visual cues?

Audio description steps in, filling those silent moments with essential details like reading on-screen text or describing characters and settings.

Become a trailblazer in the realm of accessibility, and ensure EVERYONE can engage with your content.